RobertaIllustrator Roberta Cottam

Titles The Shoemaker, Bluebeard’s Bride

Roberta designs book plates, fashion plates and dinner plates, drawing inspiration from wild mushrooms, wild horses and fairy-tale heroines wild-at-heart.

She believes a woman’s greatest accessory is a sense of adventure. Roberta is two countries shy of visiting forty by age forty. Closer to home, Roberta may be found admiring the grizzlies of Bella Coola or tickling the starfish of San Joseph Bay, and has yet to confuse the two.

But she is most at home in her sunny yellow kitchen where her cat sleeps on a ceiling beam, her husband taste-tests the latest creation, and her daughter was born.

“I hand-inked the cover and more than 20 interior illustrations. Each cameo graphic depicts a character, setting or event in ‘The Shoemaker’, and adds extra meaning to the story’s themes.”

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